• Myth Busting Wi-Fi: 8 Questions

    Ed Wenck, Content Director, CEDIA | Feb 17, 2021
    Wireless solutions are great – until they’re not. Below we address some common misconceptions about Wi-Fi and explain why a network with a hardwired backbone is key to proper performance.
  • How New Land Solutions Transformed Their Business with KNX

    CEDIA | Feb 16, 2021
    Luke Newland, owner of CEDIA member company New Land Solutions, explains how training in KNX building technology opened the door to a realm of exciting residential projects and stunning AV integrations for his company.
  • UK National Apprentice Week - Smart Home Apprentices

    James Bliss, EMEA Brand and Communication Manager | Feb 12, 2021
    As the UK’s National Apprentice Week comes to a close, we caught up with the two CEDIA peeps that have been entrenched in Apprenticeship development for some years now.
  • I AM CEDIA: Mauricio Mejia, Part Two

    Ed Wenck | Feb 11, 2021
    More of our chat with Mauricio Mejia, HomeTech El Hogar Digital SAS, Medellin, Colombia.
  • I AM CEDIA: Mauricio Mejia, Part One

    Ed Wenck | Feb 09, 2021
    Part One of our chat with Mauricio Mejia, HomeTech El Hogar Digital SAS, Medellin, Colombia.
  • How They Did It: The I's Have It

    Ed Wenck | Feb 04, 2021
    How the UK's SONA picked up six CEDIA first-place trophies (and one finalist nod) for this incredible whole-home integration in the 2020 Awards -- including a Global win.
  • Nail your Network Knowhow

    James Bliss – Marketing Manager, CEDIA EMEA | Feb 04, 2021
    The home technology industry is one of the fastest growing around: diversifying your service portfolio to include all the possibilities of home technology integration could be a huge career opportunity for Nest Pro Installers. The home network is the backbone and nerve centre of any integrated home; understanding how to properly specify and install home networks is a great first step into becoming a technology integrator. And what’s even better? A solid home network will increase the reliability and functionality of your Nest products too.
  • Two Minute Tech Read: Starlink

    Ian Bryant | Feb 02, 2021
    If you haven’t heard, SpaceX and the innovative mind of Elon Musk have created a new satellite internet company called Starlink.
  • How They Did It: Hobsons Bay

    Ed Wenck | Jan 28, 2021
    Argus Technologies picked up the 2020 CEDIA Award for Best Integrated Home, Level I (Asia Pacific) for this project that saw the firm handle literally everything in the home that needed power.
  • CEDIA Leads Recommended Practice Efforts

    David Meyer | Jan 26, 2021
    CEDIA Technical Research Consultant David Meyer outlines the work on standards and recommended practices he and his colleagues have undertaken over the last year.
  • 2021--The Future Looks Bright

    Samantha Ventura | Jan 21, 2021
    CEDIA's Senior Vice President Education and Training Samantha Ventura lays out her department’s plans for 2021.
  • CES Takeaways, Part Three

    Ed Wenck | Jan 19, 2021
    This summary's something of a "cool gadget" roundup: Lots of health and wellness devices for the home and car, and a bit of audio and appliance tech.
  • CES Takeaways, Part Two

    Ed Wenck | Jan 14, 2021
    More from the virtual CES 2021, including a great panel on AI.
  • CES Takeaways, Part One

    Ed Wenck | Jan 13, 2021
    A recap of some of the more notable press conferences -- and a key trend presentation -- from Day One of CES 2021.
  • Industry Q&A: Using VR as a Sales Tool

    Ed Wenck | Jan 12, 2021
    A chat with Tony Edwards of Jooced Custom Sound and Vision (UK) about his success using VR to close the sales of multiple home cinemas -- and how he communicated to other trades his vision for the Jooced showroom.
  • How They Did It: Electric Dreams

    Ed Wenck | Jan 07, 2021
    This theater by The Digital Picture won Best Home Cinema, Level II, and Best Dressed Rack in the 2020 CEDIA Awards, Asia Pacific.
  • The CEDIA Leadership Series Part Two: A Recap

    Ed Wenck | Jan 05, 2021
    A look back at the second Leadership Series event focused on financial success and business growth for leaders. This time, it's all about the "21st century mindset."
  • How They Did It: Everything for Everyone

    Ed Wenck | Dec 22, 2020
    Thoughtful Integrations built a solution for a family that can handle whatever content they throw at it: movies, music, gaming, or sports. The end result: A 2020 CEDIA Award winner.
  • How They Did It: Wired Life’s Melbourne Experience Center

    Ed Wenck | Dec 17, 2020
    Wired Life picked up the 2020 CEDIA Award for this tight, efficient showroom that makes the absolute best of a small footprint.
  • A Look Back and a Look Ahead – 2020 and 2021

    Ed Wenck | Dec 15, 2020
    It’s been a tough year, but a great many fascinating trends revealed themselves. Here’s a recap of some of the biggest from our perspective.

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