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Design Documentation

From felt tipped pens to change orders, method statements and risk assessments, the designers’ toolkit is essential to any project. Without it, no project will ever reach a successful conclusion. This course is designed to give you a better understanding of project documentation, with a CEDIA certified subject matter expert on hand to teach you how to prepare and create your own.

During this 1-day course, you will be exploring and explaining the documents that make up a successful project, from architectural plans, schematics, wiring schedules, change order forms and specifications to final client sign off. You will also learn how to prepare, draw and write your own documents, and you’ll learn how to read and understand documents issued by others during the project process.

Along with detailed drawing and documentation packs, the course will also examine power requirements, heat output for racks and spatial considerations amongst others.

Design documentation who is this for

This course is ideal for:


  • Senior technicians in the business.
  • Individuals involved in the design and management of a project.
  • Technicians or Project Managers preparing for CEDIA’s ESC-D certification.
  • IST certified individuals looking to upskill.

Key skills you will learn:


  • Technical detail drawing.
  • Better understanding of all documentation in a project.
    • Including: change orders, Gantt charts, RFIs, method statements, risk assessments.
Design Documentation key skills

Learning outcomes

  • Explain the types of documentation included in a successful project.
  • Prepare and create your own documentation.
  • Design and draw a simple audio-visual head end.
  • Identify all elements required for the designer’s toolkit.
  • Understand power requirements, heat output for racks, and spatial considerations.

Dates for 2023