Designing Ethernet and Wireless Networks

Designing Ethernet and Wireless Network

The IP network is the backbone of every modern custom installation and the number of connected devices is ever growing. It is now crucial that the fundamental design of any home network is robust and well-conceived. It is no longer good enough to just ‘plug it in to any available socket’ come install time!

This course explores modern network topology including traffic flow, infrastructure planning, connectivity options and planned redundancy. During the session, students will be work in groups to develop a robust network that will be stable for an initial and developing list of connected host devices. Wired and wireless connectivity will be included as well as host devices from the AV, computing and mobile world.

Both wired and wireless networks will be considered with consideration for retro-fit and new build properties. Additional subject matter includes power planning, equipment location and rack design, testing strategies, and upgradability.

This course is ideal for:


  • Developing smart home network technicians
  • Individuals who have attended CEDIA's Networking Specialist School courses
  • Technicians wishing to gain a deeper understanding of optimised network design
  • Individuals preparing for the ESC-N Networking Specialist certification
Designing Ethernet and Wireless Networks - Key skills you will learn
Designing Ethernet and Wireless Networks - Learning Outcome

Key skills you will learn:


  • Traffic demands of individual traffic types
  • Analysing traffic flow with network tools
  • Comparison of network topologies
  • Finding and planning trunk routes
  • Host planning for wired & wireless networks
  • The case for fibre-optic infrastructure
  • Optimising wireless service
  • Approximating bandwidth needs
  • Bandwidth limiting topologies
  • Security considerations

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognize key network topologies
  • Describe key differences between wired & wired networks
  • Identify high bandwidth components and routes
  • Identify key security weak points
  • Perform an approximate bandwidth calculation for a network connection
  • Design a simple network layout using approximate predicted bandwidth requirements

Course dates for 2023