CEDIA Project Management

Project Management

Project Management is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives. This course will teach you more about the role of a Project Manager on a CI project, and will identify the key elements required to successfully deliver a project on time, on budget, and within scope.

During this 1-day course, delivered by a CEDIA certified subject matter expert, you will discover the essential skills that every project manager should have in the field of custom installation. You will learn about the time, cost, and quality restraints on a project, within the context of the smart home technology industry, and explore the key principles of project management.

This course is ideal for:

  • Senior technicians in the business.
  • Individuals involved in the design and management of a project.
  • Technicians or Designers preparing for CEDIA’s ESC-D certification.
  • IST certified individuals looking to upskill.
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Key skills you will learn:

  • Project management best practises.
  • Balancing the three main project constraints – time, cost, quality.
  • Working within a budget

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify the principles of project management.
  • Understand the role of the Project Manager.
  • Explain the time, cost, and quality triangle.
  • Recognise the key elements required to successfully deliver a project on time.
  • Understand how to work on a tight budget and within scope.

Course dates for 2023