Smart Home Technician Further Skills

Smart Home Technician Further Skills

During this 5-day course, you will learn the best practices for home cinema and media room installation and gain the knowledge and skills to implement lighting control protocols into a system design. You will also learn and practice how to configure a typical router and correctly setup a secure WiFi network, as well as the best practices for control system commissioning. Additionally, you will explore some of the project and business processes that you can expect to be involved in as a technician, as well as the terminology and phases you’ll encounter on an on-site project. 

CEDIA’s certified subject matter experts will share a vast amount of technical knowledge with you and will be on hand to support you through your learning. Across the five days, you will participate in hands-on activities designed to give you a feel for those on-the-job tasks.  

These five courses are available individually or as a discounted package.

Smart Home Further Skills is ideal for

This pathway is ideal for:  


  • Junior technicians with some industry experience 
  • CIT certified technicians preparing for CEDIA's IST certification 
  • Anyone looking to expand their knowledge on systems integration

Key skills you will learn: 


  • IP configuration and network testing  

  • Part L compliance for lighting system design 

  • Home cinema setup 

  • HD Video distribution methods 

  • Basic audio and video calibration 

  • Control systems design 

  • Basic coding principles 

  • System commissioning best practices 

smart home further skills key skills
Smart Home Further Skills Learning Outcome

Learning outcomes:  


  • Apply best practice for setting up and configuring a typical consumer router for LAN devices and WAN access  

  • Understand current lighting control protocol & how to implement them in a system design  

  • Understand how to use LED lighting including tapes and colour changing systems 

  • Recognise the basic components of a home cinema system and explain the role of each component. 

  • Understand control system products, inputs and outputs, and how to design a robust control system.

  • Identify the five phases of a project and the role of the technician in the process.

What will I learn in each course?

Day 1 - Wired & Wireless Networking

Day 2 - Lighting Systems

Day 3 - Home Cinema Installation & Calibration Workshop

Day 4 - Smart Home Controls

Day 5 - Project Documentation and Processes