During this five course package, you will learn the best practices for cable termination and installation and learn the basic testing and qualification methods for structured cabling. You will also learn and practice the key techniques for audio, video and network calculations and gain the knowledge and skills to correctly plan, design, and install AV racks.  

CEDIA’s certified subject matter experts will share a vast amount of technical knowledge with you and will be on hand to support you through your learning. Across the five days, you will get involved in hands-on activities designed to give you a feel for those on-the-job tasks.

These five courses are available individually or as a discounted package.

smart home technician essential skills course is ideal

This pathway is ideal for: 


  • New hires and entry-level technicians 

  • Career changers  

  • Electricians and aerial installers seeking to grow into the smart home industry 

  • Technicians preparing for CEDIA’s CIT and IST certifications  

Key skills you will learn: 


  • Cable termination  

  • Cable lacing  

  • Testing and troubleshooting  

  • Rack design  

  • Equipment installation 

  • Ohm’s law calculations  

  • Triangles, percentages and ratios calculations  

Smart Home Technician key skills I would learn
Smart Home Technician essential skills learning outcome

Learning outcomes:


  • Better understand the fundamentals of audio, video, and RF. 

  • Apply best practice to safely install, terminate, and verify cabling in both new construction and retrofit environments.  

  • Use best practises for rack building, equipment placement, wiring, and ventilation. 

  • Identify the dangers of electricity and be aware of UK electrical regulations and safe working practices when working on electrical installations. 

What will I learn in each course?

Day 1 - Intro to Smart Home Systems

Day 2 - Smart Home Science and AV

Day 3 - Extra-low Voltage and Data Cabling for Smart Homes

Day 4 - Rack Building & Wiring Workshop

Day 5 - Electrical Safety & Safe Isolation