The Business of Calibration

Online Webinar
April 23, 2020
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EDT | 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. BST
Hosted by Steve Rissi (CEDIA), Joel Silver (ISF), Gerry Lemay (Home Acoustics Alliance), and Ian Bryant (CEDIA)

Due to the current recommendations for social distancing, many individuals and families are spending significantly more of their time at home. This change in social behavior has led to increased requests for system tune-ups as clients want their at-home entertainment to operate at peak performance. While these unscheduled maintenance calls may present an immediate opportunity, the bigger picture highlights the need for structured calibration offerings as well as client care programs that include routine performance evaluations and tune-ups.

Gerry Lemay of Home Acoustics Alliance and Joel Silver of the Imaging Science Foundation have developed the industry leading best practices for calibration of Audio and Video respectively. Join them on this webinar to learn about the various options and recommendations related to program structures, pricing models, sales strategies, and value added tools/materials to provide to your clients.


This webinar can be self-reported for 1 CEU/CDP credit. 

Complementary Resources:

Online Calibration Lessons

  • Audio Calibration Metrics
    • How do you determine what a good audio calibration sounds like?In this lesson, you will gain an understanding for the various audio metrics characteristics; clarity, focus, envelopment, smooth response, dynamics, and seat-to-seat consistency.
  • Basic Audio Calibration
    • This is an overview of basic audio calibration. The instructor explains each of the calibration steps from the initial setup through the final audio adjustments.
  • Video Calibration Metrics
    • How do you determine what a good video calibration looks like?In this lesson, you will gain an understanding for the various video metrics characteristics; dynamic range, color saturation, color accuracy, and resolution.
  • Basic Video Calibration
    • It is imperative that all video displays be calibrated out of the box to ensure they deliver the best possible performance. This lesson outlines the five steps of basic video display calibration.
  • Home Theater Audio and Acoustics – Parts 1-3 eCourses
    • Dr. Floyd Toole will teach you the basics of sound, such as transmission and reflection in rooms, and using their size and shape to calculate performance.
    • Study different kinds of loudspeakers in detail and then learn how to configure each in a surround sound system for best acoustical performance.
    • Taking the knowledge gained from previous courses and experience, Dr. Toole will ask you to apply it in simulate real-world situations.


The CEDIA Podcast 2006: Video Calibration

Joel Silver (ISF) and CEDIA's David Meyer talk video calibration on this wide-ranging discussion as to why the process is so important.

The CEDIA Podcast 1934: Designing Great Home Cinemas

Shereen Edward (Archimedia), Alex Camara (AudioControl), Peter Miller (Cornflake) and Theo Kalomirakis (Theo Kalomirakis [TK] Theaters and Rayva) are all part of this special episode. Camara and Edward give us a deep dive on an award-winning project that required some compromises, and Miller and Kalomirakis talk generally about building true reference cinemas.

Kalomirakis is part of the Home Cinema Master Class (along with Anthony Grimani and Joel Silver) offered at CEDIA Expo — and more seats have just been added for that class. Register at CEDIAexpo.com.

The CEDIA Podcast 1904: The CEDIA Home Cinema Masterclass

There’s a great CEDIA class offered at ISE this year: The Home Cinema Masterclass. As noted in the course description, “It will feature three ‘deep dive’ sessions focused on video performance, advanced audio techniques, and the cinema environment.”

The three instructors involved are video expert Joel Silver (of the Imaging Science Foundation), audio expert Anthony Grimani (Performance Media Industries), and cinema designer par excellence Theo Kalomirakis (who’s been working with Rayva of late).

Grimani and Kalomirakis join hosts Ed Wenck and Walt Zerbe to talk about the class.




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