Budget Level

All In The Family

A premium theater and music room in a limited space.


"The goal of technology should be a mind completely free of it."

Kensington Terrace

Luxury Smart Home in Kensington

Siam Super Smart House

The client was familiar with home technology, as this was their third smart home. Automation was a key part of the brief, as was the aim to consider creative ideas that could deliver the wow factor.

Lennox Luxury

Luxury Smart Home in Knightsbridge

Palatial Penthouse

Luxury Penthouse in Knightsbridge

House Dainfern Home Cinema

The setup of this home cinema takes what it's given and really shines.

Project 1047

A beautiful integrated family home

Project 1144

An amazing private cinema conversion

Monochrome Media

Cinemaworks and Total Solutions aimed to deliver good quality immersive surround sound for music, TV, films, and games.

Double Duty

Built to deliver great sound and video all over.

London Smart Home

Potters Home Digital was enlisted to design and install the latest in smart home technology in this listed London home while it was being extended and refurbished

Azores Beach House

Major doses of tech in this mid-century-styled masterpiece.

Big Screens and Man Caves

This terrific showroom displays a vast array of tech solutions.

Fun For All

The little design details count on this project.

Sophisticated Lakehouse

Awards judges touted "tremendous amount" of integrated systems.

Beauty on a Budget

An exceptional space in a brand new home. Bring on the movies!

Edge Cottage

A fully-integrated home within a complete property renovation.

Castle Creek

Future-ready design, rich in high-tech touches.

HomePlay Experience Centre

The interior design, fit, and finish in this showroom is exceptional.
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