All In The Family

A premium theater and music room in a limited space.

  • Level 2
  • Best Home Cinema

CEDIA’s judging panel was impressed with the ambition at work here. As Mark Ontiveros from the Audio Images team says:

“What do you do with a client who always wanted a premium theater and music listening room, but doesn’t have the space?

“You dig under the house, add or modify the foundation walls, and carve out a superb and comfortable entertainment space for the ENTIRE family to enjoy movies, music, sports and, of course, multiplayer video gaming.”

One big challenge here? The ceiling structure, complete with structural and decorative beams, had been designed before Audio Images had been brought in. With help from Anthony Grimani and his team at Performance Media Industries (PMI), Audio Images overcame some odd angles (which tend to “bounce” sound around unpleasantly) to deliver an immersive 7.4.4 audio experience.

Getting the screen right brought its own set of issues. “The screen had to be appropriate for the space, and with the 45-degree angle that the wall takes to the right of the screen, not to mention the left screen wall being at 90 degrees, this was no easy task.” That offset placement can make for strange viewing angles if not properly addressed.

Audio Images was up to the challenge, though — CEDIA’s judges noted that the room was, quote, “a very nice use of a small space.”


Audio Images

Tustin, California

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