Arcadian Odyssey

This stunning 16-seat cinema was designed with filmmakers in mind.

  • Level 3

The performance objectives for Sound Sense on this project were to ensure that the design criteria were aligned with the highest quality metrics to reproduce sound, visuals, and effects as envisioned by a film’s creators.

The customer had no budgetary constraints. The only requirement was to design a world-class cinema where the client can watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies in the comfort of his home. The Sound Sense team designed the required blueprint for the cinema room, projector room, and rack room to accomplish a neat in-wall set-up and a monster-sized screen. Many back and forth discussions were required with the architect to make the required changes to the blueprint.

The setup included a large screen and seating for 16. The client’s wishes included the ability to set the tone of the room based on his mood, so various ambient lighting scenarios were devised, customized with diffused lighting. To deliver the best AV set up, the integrator opted for an immersive Dolby Atmos 9.4.6 system, with four subwoofers placed discreetly in each corner of the room.

This project also won the CEDIA Global Award for Best Home Cinema, as well as EMEA Region awards for Documentation and Best Dressed Rack.


Sound Sense

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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