At Last

Awe-inspiring overhaul made client say “AT LAST!”

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  • Best Home Cinema

This renovation was an upgrade of a room that really wasn’t a proper home cinema: outside sound could get in and audio from the cinema could be heard elsewhere in the house, and the ventilation was very poor, making for a stuffy, hot room. Audio Images, working hand-in-hand with Performance Media Industries (PMI), raised and suspended the floor to give the right viewing angles and reduce unwanted vibrations, modified the walls and ceiling, and restructured the room’s layout.

Mark Ontiveros of Audio Images says, “The complete makeover gave the client a world-class private screening room for him to enjoy his records, sports, and movies with the grandkids.”

The sound system is immersive, and its sources include a high-end turntable for two-channel listening in the room as well. 

Now the audio isolation in this room is terrific: The existing theater was rotated 90 degrees, and staggered stud walls were added. Careful attention to the ceiling keeps sound in and away from the living room that’s above the cinema.

The video system includes an acoustically transparent (which means speakers can be hidden behind it) 155” wide screen and a Barco Loki Cinemascope 4K projector.

The client had a simple, two-word review: “AT LAST!” He’d finally gotten the room of his dreams.


Audio Images

Tustin, California

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