Basement Upgrade

An unpopular space becomes the best seats in the house.

  • Best Media Room
  • Level 2

This basement retrofit began as a dark, under-used entertainment room with an aging screen/projector setup and racket from nearby utilities. The team at Audio Images, working closely with the interior designers, turned the room into a CEDIA Award winner. The terrific 7.1 sound system is complemented by "a system design presenting an image large enough to fully express the capabilities of today's 4K UHD video. Through careful matching of the screen gain, along with dark colors in the room, we were able to achieve the maximum contrast ratio, along with deepest blacks, and very satisfying peak white levels," says the integrator.

CEDIA's judges take note of the challenging layout of this room with a viewing area that's open on one side:

"Video calibration was tweaked very, very nicely; the integrator clearly had issues that needed to be addressed and they brought the image up to proper CEDIA standards."

Stashing speakers behind fabric, modifying the HVAC system to reduce noise, working carefully to get the best results in a pre-determined footprint all paid off, according to Audio Images:

"The clients got way more enjoyment and quality than what they expected in a family-oriented media room with outstanding sound and picture. The outcome is simply that they use the room almost daily, which is music to our ears!"



Audio Images

Tustin, California, USA

CEDIA Profile


Architect: Brion Jeanette Architecture

Interior Designer: Leo Parrella Design Groug

Builder: Tony Valentine Construction