Bathed In Light

Integrators + Architects = Magic

  • Best Integrated Home
  • Level 3

The thing that CEDIA’s judges saw immediately was the lighting design at work here: The integrator and architect worked hand-in-hand so that light and structure worked together in harmony.

The integration team at Grupo MAi says, quote, “The architect considers this house as the work of his lifetime. We used all the tools we had to give flexibility to the client so he can make a lot of lighting scenarios with the Savant App and the lighting fixtures.”

Furthermore, “In the pictures you can observe that many, many of the lighting scenes are focused on the client’s need to host events for his guests.”

CEDIA’s judges noted the interplay of the lighting design and the sculptural elements of this project — it’s a wonderful example of how integrated technology and architecture create something that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Grupo MAi’s team adds, “Also, audio solutions interact within the scenarios the client wants to show. Everything in the project was programmed to function with voice control, since the client’s family are Apple enthusiast’s and use the Siri voice interface for many functions. Also, preparations were left in case the client decides to install another voice control system, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.”

The home also features a robust network, distributed video, surveillance, fire monitoring, and smart HVAC control.

The project was clearly successful, and both the architect — and more importantly, the client — were thrilled with the final result.


Grupo Mai

Escandon, Escandon, MEX

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Interior Designer: Emilio Dib Schekaiban, Ramón Garcia Macias, CASA NOIRE


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