Casa JC

A massive video wall keeps a sports fanatic in the game (or nine).

  • Level I
  • Best Integrated Home

When speaking about this project, the team from Smartlab starts with a few lines from the Queen and David Bowie song “Under Pressure.” You see, they were working with one of the most renowned architects in Mexico, and their integration, from aesthetics to functionality, had to be as flawless as the building itself.

One of the biggest challenges: the client wanted a massive 165-inch video wall in his living room. Working with the architect, Smartlab linked together nine different TVs to create one large screen that can be divided into various configurations (say, four screens at the lower right all broadcasting one event while the others display five different events).The display system, coupled with a 7.1 channel surround-sound audio system, ensures that the owner — a big sports fan — can stay tuned into multiple matches. Speakers and subwoofers are tucked into the walls, and one of the speakers is “smart” — as in, voice-controlled.

The home also includes eight audio zones, six video zones (all in 4K), security, and lighting all running via Control4 systems. Blinds in the home have automated opening and closing schedules to maximize comfort.

The security system includes a biometric lock that can recognize individual members of the family — and automatically adjust the lighting to that person’s preferences. If there’s a visitor at the door, an image of that guest is displayed on all the control touchscreens and TV sets.

CEDIA’s judges declared this project to be excellent for the money.



Parque Industrial Naucalpan, Naucalpan

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Architect: Daniel Alvarez


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