The integrator's showroom sealed the deal on this "artful" home cinema.

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  • Best Home Cinema, Level 1
  • CEDIA Awards
  • Level I

The challenges for Groupo MAi here were numerous, including a very limited budget, a client who was -- at first -- reticent to transform what was originally designed as a family room into a dedicated home cinema, and a local power supply that's unreliable. This home cinema — in a new build in a town well outside of Mexico City — solved all the issues.

Proper sound was the client's primary request, and, as the integrator explained exactly what was needed to bring the room up to CEDIA's standards, the homeowner began to balk. After a visit to Mantenimiento Arquitectonico's showroom, however, the client "fell in love with the idea of a well-designed, dedicated space."

The integration team managed to isolate the room, keep the HVAC systems from interfering with the movie-watching experience, and create lighting design between showings that rivals any commercial theater. Regarding power, the team tells us, "all the electrical installations are protected against voltage peaks and by a lightning rod and Panamax Voltage regulators." The CEDIA judging panel notes that the finished project was "a great looking room for the budget — really artful."


Grupo MAi/Mantenimiento Arquitectónico Integral S.A.de C.V.


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