Clinical Retreat

The prognosis? A beautiful home cinema providing the best in sight and sound.

  • Best Home Cinema
  • CEDIA Awards
  • Best Home Cinema, Level 1
  • Level I

The objective for this home cinema project in India was to deliver a room that featured stunning design and the highest quality sound, visuals, and effects to match. The mission was to deliver a lavish home cinema to accommodate a large family, as well as a big circle of friends. With the client's surgical clinic and office located below the cinema room, acoustics were of high importance. Based on the customer's requirement, the room size and dimensions, and possible speaker and sub placement, Sound Sense designed a cinema with a maximum occupancy of 33 people.

With the client requesting a larger-than-life screen, the integrator opted for a 169" acoustically transparent screen with a Sony VPL-HW45ES projector. The audio aspect of the project was delivered by Phase Technology, with a package that included three LCR speakers, four side-surround speakers, two rear surrounds, four Atmos speakers, and two subwoofers. With the room's limited size -- 24.9 feet by 18.9 feet -- and the client's seating request, Sound Sense designed five rows of seating in non-reclining chairs.

The acoustic treatment was designed to help with music clarity, sound definition, and speech intelligibility. Sound Sense also used diffuser panels in the back of the cinema between the surround and rear speakers.


Brands used in this project:

AV Pro Connect
Lab Gruppen
Phase Technology
Tata Sky