A home cinema designed to strike all the right notes for a concert pianist.

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This home cinema was a renovation of an existing theater for a client who may have the most discerning listening ear of any customer: a concert pianist. This remodeling job included an upgrade from the original audio gear to an immersive 11.4.4-channel system and a new projector placed in a “hush box” — an enclosure that keeps projector noise from interfering with the movie-watching experience.

Challenges here included an HVAC system that wasn’t up to par, tricky and less-than-reliable power, and a color scheme that was brighter than would normally be ideal. Lightly-colored home theater walls reflect light, which detracts from the image on the screen.

The integrator had to follow strict construction guidelines: this was a separate structure from the home’s main building, and with help from PMI, the team changed speaker placement and wall treatments to optimize the sound within the existing building.

Audio Images’ Mark Ontiveros explains further:

“The design team re-sized the seating platform, and reworked the wall and ceiling structures to create deeper spaces for the acoustical treatments. The ventilation ducts were enlarged, along with the registers, which were all treated for enhanced noise control.

Ontiveros tells us: “The client has some of the most capable ears that we have ever dealt with, and as such, it was a great pleasure to work with her and witness the satisfaction on her face as she smiled upon listening to her favorite artists play some of her most beloved recordings.”

Not only did CEDIA’s judges offer kudos, but so did the client: She was so happy with the results she treated the team to a private piano concert.


Audio Images

Tustin, California

CEDIA Profile


Anthony Grimani, CEO, PMI

David Abrams, CEO, Display Calibration

Builder: Ross Savage

Interior Designer: Sheldon Harte, ASID