Global Village

If you think the scenery is great, wait until you see the technology.

  • Level 2
  • Best Integrated Home

This whole-home technology integration was designed for a new residence that takes full advantage of the beautiful views — and total privacy — offered by the old-growth forest that surrounds the homesite.

This project won praise from CEDIA’s judges for the shading solutions that are at work in the home. The windows here are as high as thirty feet, and the client wanted easy transitions from open to closed in any combination. There’s a fully centralized lighting system that provides both utility and drama inside and out, with the lot’s long pathways lit by automated fixtures on timers.

Another unique aspect of this project: It features a custom user interface that can toggle between the English and Chinese languages. There’s a visual element at work here with the UI as well, a customized floor-plan layout on the control touchpads that any user can grasp immediately. This aspect of the project accounted for two-hundred man-hours.

For music throughout this home, there are ten zones of audio with 23 “architectural” speakers that blend seamlessly into the home’s look. Sources include a server that can bring in music from mainland China and a microphone for the piano. This family’s daughter is a wonderful concert pianist, and this feature allows her playing to fill the home at perfect volumes.

Other features include video systems that include HVAC control for eight different zones and a very robust security system with cameras and intercoms. There’s a media room in the basement, too, with a 5.1 surround-sound audio rig, and a JVC projector/Stewart Filmscreen combination that delivers a 106-inch image that fills up one entire wall of the room.


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Alan DiSilva

Leo Chan

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