Hampshire Cinema

A home cinema that delivers the ultimate experience, in any light.

  • Level 3
  • CEDIA Awards
  • Best Home Cinema

The client wanted the ultimate home cinema room with no compromises, including the biggest screen possible in the allocated space, a bright screen for watching the TV during the day and in the evenings, Dolby Atmos sound, and control that could be fully integrated into the existing home Savant Pro system.
In order to allow the cinema room to be used with the lights on, a high brightness projector was required. Cyberhomes' solutions for the project included a custom cabinet housing for the large projector, a new processor to handle high dynamic range capabilities, and an acoustically-transparent screen so the main LCR speakers can be located in the ideal positions behind the screen.
All 15 speakers, four subwoofers, and the acoustic treatment panels are located out of sight behind a bespoke stretched fabric, acoustically-transparent wall. A shark fin design was created to give the room aesthetic appeal, with LED strip lighting integrated into the fins. These LEDs dim automatically whenever video content is playing, leaving just the floor level stair lights dimly illuminated (unless in daytime viewing mode).