Harborside High Rise

The mission: Achieve “understated elegance" for a group of condos.

The trick to designing tech systems for a group of condos is creating a repeatable solution that can be customized to each individual occupant’s preferences. SmartTouchUSA was up to the challenge for this beautiful harbor-side high rise.

The mission statement here was to achieve “understated elegance,” and that, in part, meant cleaning up a cluttered, difficult-to-navigate user interface that had been installed by another company.

Each of the 50 residences that were outfitted with Crestron systems include thermostats and thermostat sensors, lighting control, locking systems, and electronic shades. The project further includes audio and video distribution.

By simplifying the user interfaces (UI) — something the CEDIA judging panel calls out as a truly excellent aspect of this project — the firm won the praise of the developer who’d contracted the upgrades.

Some of the lighting keypads, for example, had as many as 15 confusing buttons that needed to be streamlined.

Eddie Shapiro of SmartTouchUSA also tells us, quote, “Curved flatscreens and old style speakers were removed and replaced with a new fresh look. We updated living room spaces with new speakers and a new flat screen.” Those updates extend to the building’s common areas, too.

“Because we chose Crestron and have a programmer on staff, we were able to give all the user interfaces a straightforward, Apple-esque approach where the user sees only what they need. They can use handheld Crestron devices to watch TV, raise and lower the shades, adjust the lighting, listen to music, and more. The result is a beautiful, elegant, upscale space that has all the conveniences of technology, integrated with minimal visual impact, but with ultimate ease of use.”



Columbia, Maryland

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