House Dainfern Home Cinema

The setup of this home cinema takes what it's given and really shines.

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BNC Technology was contracted by this client for a second time, in order to take the client’s cinema design to the next level of luxury and grandeur. The setting for this challenging project: a new home that was already constructed — the spaces were defined, the dimensions immovable. The brief required an immersive experience within a compact footprint.

BNC Technology’s design team had to be exacting, focusing their efforts and maximizing the floorplan. A partitioning wall at the entrance became more than just a design feature — it was a core part of the technical package. The initial recommendation for the screen position would compromise the rest of the room. With no extra space to play with, BNC Technology designed a partition that not only provided the traditional feature wall of a cinema, but also allowed the required two rows of seating to fit in comfortably.

A surround sound system was implemented, with the ability to grow to a fully immersive Dolby Atmos space when the budget would allow. All the channels are hidden behind an acoustically transparent masking that surrounds the room to ensure the interior design wasn’t impacted.


BNC Technology

Johannesburg, Gauteng

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