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"Everything in this project is outstanding."

  • Best Integrated Home
  • Level 2

When it came to this award-winning integration, CEDIA's technical judges are succinct: "Everything in this project is outstanding."

This urban project occupies two floors of an iconic luxury apartment building with views of a nearby beach. The client connected the two floors with a spiral staircase, then began the tech integration. The ask: "The homeowners love to entertain but made it clear that the interior look and quality of finish must not be compromised with the introduction of technology. Sound was expected in all rooms of the home but not seen," according to the La Scala team.

Hidden speakers bring audio to 16 zones, James subwoofers are integrated into the millwork, and all three bedrooms have televisions on motorized lifts that raise and lower from custom cabinetry. The home features 90 loads of Lutron lighting, nearly 80 different shades, eight zones of HVAC control, and a number of well-designed scenes that are accessed via a single button and can be easily adjusted by the homeowner, including a "clean" scene that lights up the residence, raises all the TVs, and brings pre-selected music into eight zones. Automated functions are at work here, too — if rooms become too warm, shades are lowered, for example.

This home also picked up the CEDIA Awards for "Technology Meets Design" and "Life Lived Best at Home," which are determined by a panel of architects and interior designers. The "Technology Meets Design" award celebrates the best integration of technology that complements the design scheme for the room or home, and demonstrates a successful working partnership with the integrator and design and build industry partners. The "Life Lived Best at Home" award honors the project that uses technology to maximize and enhance the client's lifestyle, providing functionality, safety, entertainment, convenience, aesthetics, and efficiency.


La Scala

Vancouver, BC

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Jamie Weatherbie General Contractor

Mitchell Freedland Design