La Petite Garnier

A high-tech home cinema steeped in Parisian opera elegance.

  • Level 3
  • Best Home Cinema

The client’s brief was to design and build a statement piece, to be nestled in the basement of his Monegasque “Belle Epoque” villa. He wanted a bold and impressive cinema that was inspired by the Le Palais Garnier, the famous Parisian Opera House. The three essential elements in the design for the client were aesthetics, lighting, and performance, and Perfect Integration was responsible for the entire interior design and install.

Keeping as close as possible to the classical operatic style to which the room pays tribute, the integrator mimicked the similar deep red and golds tones of the original — with accents of timber in the detailing where possible — to enhance the ambience of the room and improve on the warmth. The most important design feature of the room was the curved ceilings, allowing Perfect Integration to locate the Dolby Atmos “3D” speakers more effectively. With a narrow installation depth for the in-wall speakers and an angled offset baffle for the in-ceiling speakers, the integrator was able to locate the speakers quite freely in the room and achieve the desired layout.

With the aesthetic and performance boxes ticked, Perfect Integration turned to the lighting. The team designed a lighting scheme that featured uplighters, wall sconces, linear LED strips in the stairs, columns, cornices, and ceiling rose to deliver specialty scenes; for social viewing, private viewing, general viewing, and for showcasing the grandeur of the room.


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