Le Cinema Garage

Is it a high-performance garage? Is it a high-performance cinema? YES.

  • Best Home Cinema, Level 1
  • Best Home Cinema
  • Level I

Since this customer was a boy, he’d dreamt of having a home cinema and a Ferrari. This project was the culmination of both dreams. In his mind, he wanted to house the two elements in the garage. Whenever he stepped into the garage, it would be a reminder that he had accomplished his life’s yearning.

The challenge for Hi-Concept was designing a room that could fit in the specific shape and structure of the garage, without compromising on sound and aesthetic quality. It was essential that the interior design was sleek and modern, with a touch of nostalgia. Hi-Concept wanted to hide as many of the high-performance components as possible, to deliver an incredibly immersive experience.

To deliver this, Hi-Concept separated the room from any contact with the surrounding metal structure, created paneling and faux walls, and installed four levels of acoustic treatment to give the room optimal sound.

Hi-Concept programmed several lighting and control scenarios, activated by a wall switch to cover use cases like cleaning the room, reading, watching a movie, and an easy all-off switch.




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