Ms. Maalim Cinema Room

Creativity drives this dream-delivering home cinema.

  • CEDIA Awards
  • Best Home Cinema
  • Level 2

The performance objectives of this room were to create a reference level cinema with a 7.1.4 setup in a very stylish looking room that would suit a young Saudi woman, who trusted the integrator in creating her dream cinema.

The door for the space was at the back, so the integrator had to design the room in a way that anybody entering would walk all the way to the front and then use the stage on the other side to go to the second or third row. Using Artnovion acoustical panels, Labiib Solutions installed them in a creative way to get a nice looking and high-performance cinema room.

Labiib Solutions installed a Dolby Atmos speaker set up and integrated the AV alongside the lighting and HVAC. To reduce the noise coming from the HVAC system in the cinema and to prevent it from distracting the interior design, the integrator advised the client to use a concealed split unit installed in an adjacent room with a noise reducer.


Labiib Solutions


CEDIA Profile


Artnovion LDA

Interior Designer: Syed Ali