One Home, Two Trophies

A deluxe home technology integration that rose to the challenges.

  • Best Integrated Home
  • CEDIA Awards
  • Level 3

During the first meeting with the client, Argus had initially been asked to provide info on an intercom, a security system, and the ability to watch Foxtel cable on every TV in the home. After that initial discovery session, the job expanded to multiple-source video distribution, distributed audio, HVAC control, CCTV, networking, lighting, entry control, pool control, and even the needed infrastructure to watch over-the-air TV. As Argus tied the various subsystems together via centralized control, the client then asked the integrator to bring their other area of expertise into the project, and the team was tasked with handling all the electrical work in this new build.

Video's distributed from five sources to seven different TVs, and audio in this home encompasses 14 zones from 12 sources. Lighting includes 128 circuits (and 21 motorized blinds), and the HVAC systems run 10 zones.

A number of automated functions run everything from motion-triggered night lighting to warming the bathroom's towel rails before the day begins for the clients. Pool functions can be controlled via mobile devices, security systems include remote monitoring, the Wi-Fi is incredibly robust, and a solar backup battery system provides juice to key systems in case of a power outage. This project also took the prize for Best Documentation.


Argus Technologies

Mulgrave, Victoria, AUS,

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