Peninsula House

A confidence-building integration with stunning results.

  • Best Integrated Home
  • Level 3

This winning project was the result of a long process undertaken by Argus Technologies — at the initial client meeting in February 2015, the integration team learned that the client had previously had a terrible experience with home technology. Working slowly and methodically, and building the customers' trust as carefully as they built the systems they designed and installed, the Argus team finished this spectacular integration in March of 2018.

Argus was tasked with ensuring that many of the systems they installed could be upgraded and expanded in the future — for example, seven zones of video were installed with pre-wire for two more.

Ten audio zones draw from eight streaming sources, lighting control and design extends to the pool, spa,  and tennis areas, and Argus even installed a winch system for one of the home's chandeliers for service and cleaning. Automation events include garden lighting that reacts to solar cycles and water features that only run in the daytime.

Other features in this new-home build include a terrific Unifi network and a dedicated home theater that seats nine and boasts a 147" screen, a JVC projector, MK speakers and subs, and Marantz and Sunfire components. There are 174 lighting and 11 motorized blind circuits in the home as well.


Argus Technologies

Mulgrave, Victoria, AUS,

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