Penthouse Perfection

The key here: Sound isolation to keep the neighbors happy.

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This client is a bit of a movie buff. The apartment is within an iconic, listed building and one of only two penthouses within a block of over 300 apartments. Perfect Integration’s client signed off on the technology plans two years before the apartment was due to finish, and because his was the highest value unit in the building, managed to get the developer to agree to let him make some changes during construction to incorporate the higher-quality AV system.

The joinery design and room layout meant that the client’s existing floorstanding speakers couldn’t be re-used without seriously compromising the furniture layout and usability of the room, so a built-in solution was the obvious answer. The joinery lent itself to two very tall slim speakers at either end of the unit, as well as a dropdown projection screen in front of the TV.

The main issue Perfect Integration faced is that the media room is open plan with the rest of the living space, including the stairs down to the front door. Combine this with the client’s fondness for watching movies loud and late at night and he had some complaints from the neighbors. To overcome this, the integrator worked with the interior designer to add an acoustic pocket door which can be closed to section off the media room from the rest of the apartment when the system is in use.


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