Project 680

Cohesively-integrated tech in a London apartment.

  • Best Integrated Home
  • Level I

The emphasis on this retrofit apartment in London was that it should not be too tech heavy; that the focus should be on the interior design first and technology second. As the finish of the apartment was very design-driven, TwentyTwo Integration needed to ensure that the system complemented the internal architecture and blended in seamlessly with the design. It was important to the client that each room in the house worked the same way so that there was uniformity.

In terms of lighting control, TwentyTwo Integration had to remain flexible. The team ensured cabling was configured in a manner that the designers could pick and choose the light fittings when they were ready. The integrator took the lighting design produced by the interior designer and used this for the panel schedule drawings. This meant that the team could pre-program the system off-site. The Lutron seeTouch keypads allowed for control of both the lighting and blinds. The buttons were engraved to ensure easy control. The button engraving was matched on the Control4 interface to provide uniformity. The client wanted the lights and blinds to adjust automatically during periods of no occupancy. This was achieved by adding “home” and “away” buttons on the entrance hall keypad for easy activation.


TwentyTwo Integration


CEDIA Profile


Interior Designer: Alina Popova

Builder: Richard Toso