River Stone Penthouse 2015

Luxury Apartment Smart Home

BSI Ltd was contracted to provide a full range of systems, including contemporary lighting, AV and a control system, which integrates as many automated features as possible. Blind control was a high importance for this project, as the apartment is on the twenty second floor and has an impressive view of the Kyiv skyline. Lutron Sivoia ultra-silent drives were used for the blind control. 

The lighting scheme was developed to utilise only the newest LED light sources available by XAL, Deltalight, Wever&Ducre, without any compromise to light quality. All luminaires are dimmable and controlled with a Lutron system. BSI Ltd used both digital dimming via DALI control and dimming by phase.

Both lighting and blinds were programmed to operate via preset scenes and astronomical timer events. General control is available on an iPad Mini via the Elan Home g!Mobile App. 

Media room solution utilizes 80 inch Sharp TV, Elac acoustics (front central and side channels) and recessed ceiling speakers, all powered by Pioneer receiver.


Bureau of Systems Integration

Kyiv, 30

CEDIA Profile


Bezin Architects

Kyiv , Ukraine

SOL Lighting Agency

Kyiv , Ukraine



Brands used in this project:

  • Lutron
  • Elan
  • iPort
  • Elac
  • Pioneer
  • Sharp
  • XAL
  • Deltalight
  • Wever&Ducre