Sci-Fi Themed Theater

A home cinema that nails the aesthetic and the technical stuff.

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When it comes to fantastic, thematic designs, Zene Private Theater is unmatched. A similar design to the one pictured here took top honors in the 2016 CEDIA Awards, but this cinema a was a bit more complicated. The client was specific in his desires for sci-fi inspired details and worked with Zene and the architect involved in this build to achieve a futuristic, Hollywood vibe. The metal frame of the room — which could create some fairly harsh audio experiences — had to be countered with acoustic panels that are cleverly hidden behind fabric. The entire “shell” of the room is concrete, and that meant that the placement of absorbers and diffusers needed to be very precise.

The Meyer Sound subwoofers that bring the bass in this room are large – so large that placement wasn’t ideal (they’re all assembled in the front of the space), and this meant more time tweaking the room for the team at Zene. The center speaker channels in this immersive audio array are placed behind the acoustically transparent screen so that the horns stand at two-thirds of the screen’s height, marrying dialog to characters in a most convincing manner.

The HVAC system demanded special attention, and the team at Zene added mufflers in the middle of the air ducts to keep noise from the main unit from interfering with the on-screen entertainment.

The homeowner was also quite particular about the size and placement of the screen, and Zene obliged, giving this client a viewing experience that can pull the viewer into the middle of an intergalactic battle.


Zene Private Theater

Beijing Film Studio Complex Chao Yang District, Beijing

CEDIA Profile


Architect: Dominique Amblard