Slide Cinema

Cinema with a Slide!

An existing client came to us and asked for a large unused space in their 250 year old home to be transformed in to a home cinema and entertainment area.  Their only brief.... It had to include a slide!


Luuxx completed several initial design concepts until the clients were satisfied at which point we went about the installation of the cabled infrastructure, which presented problems due to the age and build of the property.  Once cabled, the home cinema area had a sub frame built to level up walls and ceilings before cinematech sound panels were istalled, along with audio from Wisdom.  The walls and ceiling then fabric wrapped by our partners, Desmond & Sons.


Luuxx also created multi room audio area to the pool table area and the bar, both adjoining the home cinema. Added to this was a Control 4 system to link all technologies and provide a simple easy to use system for the clients.


Birch Security Services Ltd

Leeds, .

CEDIA Profile


Brands used in this project:

  • Wisdom Audio
  • Control 4
  • JVC
  • Gallo Acoustics
  • Arcam