Smart Condos

Technology: A major differentiator.

  • Best Multiple Dwelling Unit

The builder of these condos — aimed at a demo right around retirement age with an appeal to those who desired a modern, minimalist aesthetic — wanted features that would set these units apart from the competition. The solution? Integrate smart home systems not found in similar developments nearby. Look & Listen’s work here earned them a 2018 CEDIA Award for Best Multiple Unit Dwelling Design, Asia Pacific.
Using a Control4 platform, Look & Listen says that they’ve delivered an efficient, easy-to-use, and secure system. “Additionally, we set out to integrate and control all features available within the condos to work on one system. All subsystems were combined and programmed to work using lighting keypads, wall mount and table top touch panels. We included added benefits such as the ability to control everything from the touch panels in bed, or even calling internally between floors which ensured the ‘ease of use’ objective was exceeded.”
Lighting, shading, networking, and other systems are all integrated in each unit, with security scenes designed to deter intruders with flashing lights and automated reduction of power consumption if a condo’s vacant.


Look & Listen

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia,

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