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A high-tech showroom with substance and style.

  • Best Showroom

NGC Systems realized that what all clients have in common is the preference to purchase a product having tried and tested it in person. For this reason, the integrator wanted to create a showroom that focused on high-quality AV as well as stunning finishes — fixtures, fittings, and furniture. An interior designer was contracted to work on the layout, finishes, and color choices, and another for the furniture.

Each area in the 1000-square-foot showroom features speakers, TVs, and lighting control, but all with a design twist. The bar has a pair of Artcoustic cloth-covered multi-driver speakers, RGBW lighting, and three TVs incorporating a picture-in-picture scaler — a sports bar idea. The media room mimics a typical living room and shows how technology integrates beautifully into the design. It features a hidden TV, a width-matched soundbar, square grills for the ceiling speakers, an automated fireplace, roof light, and roof blind.

As the project went on, the overall quality of finish increased dramatically: From painted walls to wallpaper, from basic flooring to solid wood chevron, and from a basic freestanding bar to a complete inbuilt bar/kitchen setup. As NGC Systems is selling to the high-end market, they have created a space that meets the expectation of this audience.


NGC Systems


CEDIA Profile


Interior Designer: Jasmine Aaronson

Interior Designer: Mark Riese

Specialty Consultant: Phil Spyer

Specialty Consultant: Simon Gibbs