Stargate Cinema

‘A real cinema’ with a little sprinkle of magic'

The Stargate Cinema was entirely designed, built, and installed by our in-house team. The brief, to convert a disused basement area into a dedicated home cinema. The client wanted to be taken away to another world, the room had to be a ‘real cinema’ with a luxurious plush interior and include a sprinkle of magic for the whole family.

The basement floor was converted as a leisure space with gym, sauna and dedicated cinema room. A plant room was built to house consumer units, a boiler, water tanks and air conditioning. We utilised the plant room to locate a huge pair of Artcoustic Sub3 subwoofers ported through to the cinema via the dividing baffle wall, thus not losing any space in the cinema due to subwoofer size.

Soundproofing was an important factor, with the kitchen directly above the cinema and traffic vibrations from the main road heard in the basement. The room built with a floating MF construction with resilient bar isolation and rubber Muteclip3 isolation hangers for the ceiling. The entire room was dual dB boarded with a Green Glue sandwich.

There were challenges working in the basement, transporting large heavy boards for the construction and making sure the equipment racks built off site made it down the stairs of the basement with no damages.

An Artcoustic speaker system in a 7.2.4 configuration was specified to cover two seating rows, the SL range specified  for its technical capability of easily achieving desired Reference volume levels (105dB) to all seating positions.

Two bands of stars across the room using fibre optic lighting panels concealed the surround speakers, this was also designed to conceal an RSJ without lowering the ceiling. The cinema project was appropriately nicknamed 'Stargate' due to the unique star lighting features.

A Sony VW790ES 4K Laser Projector was installed along with a native 2.35:1 ratio acoustic screen as the room was predominately for film viewing.  The Sony projector we feel is unmatched at its price point for cinematic detail, colour and contrast, and with a 2,000 lumen brightness and advanced HDR functionality that brings favourite movies to life! The projector was given a full ISF calibration, calibrated files were automatically triggered via the meta data provided by the Kaleidescape server.

Plush fabrics were of importance for the interior brief. “Make the room a cosy space for the whole family” said the client. The acoustic fabric walls, luxury velvet daybed and cinema dedicated seating together with a thick deep pile carpet contributed to making this room as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

This project has recently won an  Artcoustic IOTM Award   for June 2022

This room has also featured in the Home Cinema Alliance monthly feature of Home Cinema Choice Magazine.

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Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Brands used in this project:

Artcoustic Evolve 8-4 x 3 ​
Artcoustic Evolve 3-1 x 4
Artcoustic Architect 2-1 x 4
Artcoustic SUB 3 x 2 + CPH10
Sony VW790ES 4K Laser Projector
Starscape ceiling
Front Row seating
Future Automation PM1 bracket
Cinema Build Systems – 3.0m Acoustic 2.35:1 screen
Arcam AVR30 DIRAC Atmos Receiver / HDMI scaler
ART SR4 4Ch Atmos Power amp
Control4 EA1 processor
Control4 SR260 Remote
Control4 panelised lighting
Kaleidescape Strato
Nvidia Shield player