The Chepe Train

CEDIA's judging panel was knocked out by the project.

  • Best Auto, Marine, or Aircraft

This is the only remaining passenger train in Mexico, according to Smartlab — and “Chepe” carries tourists through that country’s beautiful copper canyons. Renovation of the train included tech integration, so each of the nine cars in this project have touchscreens for employee control, four TVs, JBL pro audio systems (with mics for the tour guides that host each car), and automated Control4 lighting systems. “Auto ON and Auto OFF scenes execute by themselves to welcome passengers and put the trains to sleep,” the integrator notes. Video content is automated too, and content plays based on the train’s GPS location. Smartlab says “This has been one of the biggest challenges we've had in our automation projects.” Security features and climate control are also part of the integration, as are Pakedge network systems. Independent generators were needed on each car.

Each train car had to operate as an independent system, since the operator (Ferromex) mixes and matches wagons on each trip. Because there was no room at all in the cars for subwoofers, careful bass adjustments were made to the audio systems. CEDIA’s judging panel was knocked out by the project, declaring it the “obvious winner” in the category.



Brands used in this project:

AKG microphones
JBL amplifiers and speakers