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Integrated technology seamlessly woven into the fabric of an art dealer's dwelling.

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This homeowner is an art dealer, and wanted to ensure that the integration here didn’t detract from his collection. The finished project features solutions that fit the space seamlessly, including multi-room audio, video, HVAC control, security, shading, and lighting.

There’s a very robust network here, including three Ruckus wireless access points. A Crestron system powers this home’s integration.

Eddie Shapiro of SmartTouch USA describes some of the highlights here:

“The audio within the space is also top-notch and sounds incredible. Two Meridian DSP320 speakers and three Meridian DSP520 in-wall speakers are complemented by an Origin Acoustics Subwoofer and amp and Revel in-ceiling speakers and custom speakers. Audio is streamed via an Autonomic single-source Mirage Music Streamer.”

There are a variety of Sony TVs throughout this home throughout this home — the largest checking in at 75 inches — and all in 4K. There’s also a smaller screen for 4K watching, which doubles as a control device on the kitchen island.

Shapiro and his team took time and care to ensure that all controls could be relegated to as few control interfaces as possible so that there was little clutter on the walls — fewer buttons and switches that are often referred to as “wall acne.”

There’s a good bit of automation at work, here, too: If the lights are on, they will brighten and dim at certain times throughout the day and evening. Shading is integrated here, too, and a variety of pre-programmed “scenes” can be called up quickly on any control panel.



Columbia, Maryland

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