The Jet Set Cinema

This home cinema stands out, clearing several complex hurdles.

  • Best Home Cinema
  • Best Home Cinema, Level 1
  • CEDIA Awards
  • Level I

There were a few challenges involved in the design and construction of this home cinema by The Digital Picture. The integrator was brought into the project after the “step-up” slab had already been poured, and the room designed to hold the equipment rack had been framed. A large plumbing pipe on the right side of the room had to be concealed as well, and that column was covered with material designed to dampen low frequencies from the subwoofers.

The architecture of this building’s exterior features expansive panes of glass — in fact, the entire back of the theater is defined by a glass wall that faces east. Local building codes also demand a window that can open for ventilation. The glass surfaces are double-glazed to reduce heat early in the day and to help keep cinema sounds in and external noise out of the room. A large, custom blackout curtain and other material creates the dramatic drapery effect at the rear of the room while ensuring the image on the screen won’t have to compete with external light.

Another issue: HVAC noise. All the duct work that lead to the fan coil unit outside the room has been acoustically lined, and four 90-degree bends are built into the system to help knock down extraneous sound.

And sound quality was especially important to this client: Immersive audio including dialog speakers placed behind an acoustically-transparent 4K screen deliver a reference-quality audio experience that’s consistent in every seat, something the CEDIA judges took note of.


The Digital Picture

Helensvale Town Centre, Queensland

CEDIA Profile


Michael Peaker, ISF Video Calibrator

Matt Walker, BenQ