The Micro Experience Center

A collaboration with a well-known designer leads to a truly successful showroom.

  • Best Showroom
  • CEDIA Awards

CEDIA's judging panel is impressed with this project's "tough space and budget," noting that DayaTech "came up with something really successful" in a showroom that's roughly 50 square-meters in size, built for a total budget of AUD 100,000.

The team at DayaTech had three clear goals in mind when they sat down with a local, well-known designer:

  • "We had a vision to create a simple and easy to navigate experience center. We wanted to ensure visitors would need minimum effort to interact with all the aspects of smart home technology and seamlessly move between the room vignettes. The experience center is based around sharing usage scenarios and 'day in the life' experiences that the client can expect in their own environments."
  • "We also wanted to ensure that we captured the look and feel of an aesthetically pleasing living space that minimized the intrusion of technology. This ensured that our clients would immediately feel 'at home' within the space and could easily see it transition into their own home or business environment."
  • "Our final goal was to create an experience center that would be highly adaptable to multiple usage scenarios and industry verticals. Our main curved branding wall in the kitchen area has marketing boards that are easily interchangeable depending on the client, whether they be residential, commercial, hospitality, or assisted living aligned."




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