The Orthodox Calendar

The system helps family comply with religious observances.

  • Best Innovative System or Solution

The client here is a follower of Orthodox Judaism -- and a technology enthusiast. Observation of Shabbat and Jewish holidays disallow turning on any form of electronics, even with motion detection.

The team from All Digital describes what the Control4 system in this home does:

"We integrated the cloud-based Hebrew calendar with a Control4 Hebcal driver from Chowmain Designs. This driver automatically detects Jewish holidays and the standard Shabbat -- observed from a few minutes before sunset every Friday evening and ending with the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night (which is called Havdalah). The system sends a notification for a candle lighting ceremony -- exactly 18 minutes before sundown, as biblically mandated -- as well as Havdalah."

The home's systems include panelized lighting, 16 zones of audio, eight zones of video, climate control, security, intercom, motorized window treatments, pool control, and irrigation system control. Lighting scenes specific to Shabbat are programmed for "no touch" operation (ALL OFF upstairs, ALL ON downstairs), and other systems (such as the home's AV gear) are automatically shut down during Shabbat and holiday observations.

The CEDIA judging panel is impressed with this project's extensive documentation, as well as the terrific automation work here, and awarded All Digital, LLC, the trophy for Best Innovative Solution.


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