The Party Zone

Serving up a festive atmosphere with all the accoutrements.

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Bridger Automation worked with a homeowner here who wanted their home to function as an entertainment mecca for their guests. The Bridger team notes, “There were three main areas we needed to address when designing the system. The main house, the outdoor areas, and the ‘Rec Club’ (a detached building from the main house with a video wall, wine cellar, bar, pool table, and so on).

Of course, those areas needed more than just audio/visual components: “The system needed to cover all three areas with AV, lights, blinds, fans, heaters, and air conditioning from any user interface, as well as remote dial-in for intercom/access control and camera surveillance. Flexibility and reliability were paramount with the system to retain the confidence of the client and their transition into their first ever ‘Smart Home.’”

Automated systems include triggering a complex landscape lighting scene that sets mood and highlights certain features from sunset ‘til 10 p.m., shades and blinds that lower and raise with the angles of the sun, and a carefully calibrated HVAC system that keeps all of the equipment properly cooled in the room where the racks are located. (When electronics are properly cooled, they have a much longer — and more reliable — lifespan.)

The client’s favorite user-initiated function, though, is “Party Mode.” Bridger says: “By selecting ‘Party Mode,’ the client are able to select and deselect any zone of audio and video, and adjust the volume in any zone to the required levels. Once they were set, they could use the ‘Master Volume’ to increase/decrease the volume level. This makes entertaining easy for any user or guest via wireless iPads.”


Bridger Automation Pty Ltd

Mermaid Beach, Queensland

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Architect: Jared Poole

Builder: Shannon Koryzma

Amber Technology

Crestron Australia