Up On The Roof

Don't let the outdoor location keep you from a "media room" experience.

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With advancements in weatherproof electronics, it’s possible to turn any space — inside or out — into a “media room.”

Audio Images had a client who wanted to turn his rooftop deck into an entertainment space. The deck has an incredible view of a bay along the Southern California coastline, and the homeowner wanted to turn what had been a space dedicated to a lap pool into a place to watch sports and movies and listen to music.

This system features an outdoor rated 84” TV on a motorized lift along with marine-rated speakers and subwoofers. PMI’s Anthony Grimani tuned the whole 8.2 channel audio system with digital signal processing in order to make the sound perfect.

There’s also a 4.1 audio system in the bar and jacuzzi area along with a TV on a lift and swivel to allow for easy viewing. Both displays are part of a whole house audio/video distribution system.

There were, of course, challenges that came with installing a proper outdoor media-room space. Audio Images’ Mark Ontiveros says:

“In order to provide adequate sight lines, the TV is raised up well above the roof line. It was put on a motorized lift so that it didn’t show from the street when not in use.

“Getting the TV and its lift mechanism onto the roof required a crane and lots of careful planning and preparation during the entire build process, while the client was living there.

“We put volume limiting into the sound system in order to preserve the neighborhood relations, given the teenagers’ (and sometimes, the adults’) propensity to turn up the volume.”

The client already has a CEDIA-award-winning media room in his basement, but now uses his deck almost exclusively.

This brilliant integration not only won its category in the Americas region, it was also honored as “the best of the best,”winning the 2019 Global CEDIA Award for Best Media Room.


Audio Images

Tustin, California

CEDIA Profile


Anthony Grimani, CEO, PMI, LTD

David Abrams, CEO, Display Calibration

Builder: Tony Valentine

Interior Designer: Leo Parrella, ASID