Z House

All the systems in all the ways can be controlled in this house.

  • Best Integrated Home
  • Level I

Maintaining this home’s aesthetic was key here, and our winning firm in this category, Electronic Living, managed just that. This custom-built home has an elegant, understated, modern quality that’s not overwhelmed by gadgetry.

Systems include:

  • Four zones of distributed audio
  • Four wireless access points, positioned according to best practices
  • An intercom system
  • Satellite TV
  • Lighting and shading controls
  • HVAC control
  • Pool control
  • Robust surveillance and security, including access controls, alarms, and CCTV

Automated events include bathrooms that adjust light levels for the time of day or night, and external lighting that’s scheduled accordingly as well.

Pre-programmed scenes include Entertain, that powers up systems where guests will be welcomed; “Evening” for TV viewing on the couch; and “Party,” which is essentially an “all systems go!” setting.

There was one big technical challenge here, according to the team at Electronic Living: “Voice control via Control4 was new to smart home integration at the time this project was being programmed so additional time was required to ensure everything worked perfectly by spoken commands.”


ElectronicLiving Pty Ltd

Virginia, Queensland

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