Beauty on a Budget

An exceptional space in a brand new home. Bring on the movies!

Following a VIP open day that Archimedia held in conjunction with Trinnov and Barco, the client was convinced that he needed to invest to get an amazing cinema room. The brief was for a technologically-excellent home cinema as part of a complete new-build project, capable of bringing the homeowner's favorite movies to life in 3D.

A Barco Cinemascope projector was installed outside the room to eliminate noise and provide the option for an upgrade in the future. Archimedia paired the projector with a 166" Da-Lite screen. The audio in the room is courtesy of Bowers & Wilkins and is set up as a 7.1.4 system for consistent sound distribution throughout the room. Archimedia paid great attention to sound isolation while maximizing the overall performance with carefully-considered placement of speakers, subwoofers, and seating. A Creston control system was used for easy integration, and cabling has been put in place for any future upgrades. The seating is a combination of formal cinema seats and a more casual sofa.

Despite several challenges, including the specific interior design scheme, the end result is a technologically stunning home cinema, perfect for the whole family to relax and spend quality time together.




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