HomePlay Experience Centre

The interior design, fit, and finish in this showroom is exceptional.

  • Best Showroom

Homeplay’s objective was to create a space that would allow the team to engage with the design community and show what’s possible when the integrator is involved in the early design phase. Homeplay wants their clients and professional colleagues to think of them as a key part of the design team and not just people who install speakers.

The interior design, fit, and finish is exceptional. Homeplay decided to spend more on the interior than the technology. It’s been designed to look like a luxury apartment, with virtually no devices on display when it’s not in use — an achievement since it is packed with technology.

A key room is the cinema, which features a three-meter-wide projection screen, projector mirror lift, full acoustic treatments, luxury fabric wall system, Cineak seating, and custom-built twin motorized pocket doors. An invisible 5.1 media room sound system, which is housed within a beautiful custom cabinet with bronze detailing, utilizes a Future Automation moving panel mechanism, Amina speakers wrapped in wood veneer, and a Sony 55-inch OLED TV with Acoustic Surface. It is totally invisible when not in use, yet totally immersive when it’s “on.” It’s a stunning example of what’s possible when design, craftsmanship, and technical know-how are expertly combined.

The lighting design area was specifically designed to show different lighting effects, quality of lights, and dimming.



Sunbury on Thames, Surrey

CEDIA Profile


Helen Bygraves, Hill House Interiors

Builder: Jimmy Wilczek, Accurate Professional

Furniture Maker: William Grech, Grech + Grech