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Nov 17, 2014

Starting today, November 17, it’s time to renew your CEDIA membership for 2015. Many CEDIA members do not hesitate to cut a renewal check each year – they simply see it as a cost of doing business.

But if you’re on the fence, take a moment to consider the membership benefits you may not be taking advantage of.


One of the most beneficial aspects of joining a professional or trade organization is connecting with other workers and business owners in the same industry. You will meet people you can discuss new ideas with and ask for advice from or give advice to.

CEDIA is a community that provides support for its members. If you ever hit hard times, the organization, its members, and its many resources will be there to help you strategize through it.

Additionally, it’s not just all business – your industry association provides a platform for building friendships and mentor relationships. Though you and your industry friends may be separated by hundreds or thousands of miles and may only meet once or twice a year, these relationships can keep you energized, inspired, informed, and competitive.


Not only will you meet people who can advise you, help boost your brand, and give your name to potential clients, CEDIA also often provides educational opportunities on a diverse range of subjects.

CEDIA offers year-round training on the latest trends and technologies, as well as on ways to improve how you run your business – often at a significant pricing advantage for members, and sometimes exclusively for members. CEDIA also offers certification opportunities that help bolster both the individual’s credentials and the business’s credibility.

These educational and training opportunities help you stay up to speed on the newest advances in the home technology industry. If you’re not keeping up with the latest trends and technologies, your business could lose out on potential clients and revenue.


CEDIA has also recognized the information that could help members better run their businesses and has developed research to gather that information. Research products like the Size and Scope of the Residential Electronic Systems Market study and the Benchmarking Survey (covering Staffing, Benefits & Compensation and Finance, Project Management & Marketing) enable industry businesses to see where they stand in relation to their peers and competitors and how their operations can be adjusted to improve profitability. As a CEDIA member, you help enable this research and also receive access to reports only available to members.

Volunteering & Leadership

By being not only a member but becoming active in CEDIA, you can take on volunteer and leadership roles that help boost your name recognition and brand. Becoming a leader in your association is an important step to becoming a recognized expert and a key part of your industry.

Renew Today

To renew your CEDIA membership for 2015, visit cedia.net/renew. Plus, view the full list of CEDIA member benefits at cedia.net/join/cedia-member-benefits

Thank you for continuing to allow us to be a part of your team!



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