CEDIA Research Report Details Size & Scope of Residential Market

Feb 09, 2015

size and scopeYou know the tale of the blind men trying to describe the elephant? Each one can describe what he perceives – a tusk, a foot – but none of them can quite get the whole picture of what’s in front of them.

Working in the home tech industry can be a bit like that. It’s challenging to understand or describe the full picture of the industry or the market when your perspective is mostly focused on your corner of the world - your day-to-day work.

CEDIA’s Size & Scope of the Residential Electronic Systems Market in the US© study aims to paint the full picture. This survey report is designed to estimate the number of installation companies, broken down by channel type; evaluate the total economic value of installation in the industry; identify each channel’s level of significance in the industry by product category; and report on general market conditions and forecasting.

Last fall, we released the preliminary findings from the 2014 report. Key findings included:
  • Increased gross revenue
  • A shift from hardware sales to service/labor sales caused by cloud-based content management
  • Growth in 4K Ultra HD TV sales
  • Growth in wireless audio

The final reports are now available in CEDIA’s Research Library. Both an abridged version (free to CEDIA members) and a full report (available for purchase; CEDIA members receive a discount) are ready for download.

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