In a Changing Market, What Will Be Your Competitive Advantage?

Mar 30, 2015

Client consultationInnovation. Convergence. Competition. DIY.

These are just a few of the current trends impacting businesses in the ever-changing home technology market. And though no one ever coasted to easy money in this business, now more than ever it takes more than just technical skill and business competence to turn a profit.

In the face of these challenges, what will be your company’s competitive advantage? The answer is one that looks simple, but is by no means easy to achieve: organizational health.

A healthy organization is one that has both cohesive leadership and a ruthless focus on clarity of purpose and priorities. Carrying these principles through your business leads to more efficient, happier employees – i.e., employees who stay. And even more critically, it leads to a stronger bottom line.

So how do you get there from here? The Advantage Workshop at CEDIA’s inaugural Business Xchange next month is your first, biggest step.

We Asked, You Answered

When CEDIA surveyed home technology business owners to identify their key areas of struggle, they found three common threads: building a high-performance team, understanding your business’ niche/purpose, and providing five-star customer service.

These three key points, along with many others that help a small business thrive, will be addressed in the two workshops during the Business Xchange. The first, The Advantage Workshop, will help you assess and improve your company’s organizational health. The second, the Trusted Advisor Workshop, will help you earn your customers’ trust and loyalty in order to impact your bottom line.

Fortune 500 Expertise – Scaled for Your Business

Though several of the CEDIA Business Xchange presenters have Fortune 500 experience, these aren’t canned presentations. The presenters understand the unique challenges of small businesses in the home technology industry and will tailor the subject matter accordingly.

The next steps are in your hands. Interactive exercises will help you learn how to apply the principles in the workshop to your business. Structured activities will guide you through point-by-point assessments of your company and will help you identify the best way forward. You’ll work through exercises to find opportunities for improvement, and you’ll walk away with documents and templates that will help you implement needed changes and build efficiency and effectiveness in your team going forward.

About the Event

CEDIA’s Business Xchange will take place April 29 – May 1 at the Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake. The agenda includes two half-day workshops along with unstructured “un”conference sessions that allow attendees to roam among five rooms focused on five critical topics. Experts for each topic will be on-hand to facilitate.

The event also includes built-in networking sessions that allow attendees to share best practices with their peers in other markets in a non-competitive environment.

View the full schedule here.

Early-Bird Registration Extended

Register by Friday, April 3, 2015 to save $100 on your registration. Plus, be sure to reserve your hotel rooms by April 5 to secure the special rate of $159/night. Register now!



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