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Mike Maniscalco
Apr 03, 2015

Hi, I’m Mike Maniscalco with ihiji, and I want to encourage you to attend the CEDIA Business Xchange at the Houston Hilton NASA April 29 – May 1.

CEDIA Business Xchange is a reincarnation of the CEDIA Management Conference. We’re really looking forward to seeing all of our friends and dealers in a relaxed environment without the distractions of something as big as CEDIA EXPO. The sharing of new ideas at conferences like this is huge.

We’re also looking forward to the “Un”conference, which is something new that CEDIA is launching at this conference. The “Un”conference brings a unique environment to the Business Xchange. It provides dealers the opportunity to learn from their peers in a very unstructured and relaxed environment with moderators who are experts in those topics, such as finance, sales and marketing, operations, and hiring.

At the CEDIA Management Conference in 2009, we attended as integrators, and by the time we left that conference, we had decided to launch ihiji invision and make it a product reality.

After attending a number of these “un”conferences over the years, I’ve found that it’s a great way to learn from others. It’s very collaborative, open, relaxed. You can move from room to room and really get the most out of the conference.

Our goal is that you take some great ideas away from the conference you can bring back to your business and implement immediately – small ideas that hopefully make a big impact on your business.

So again, I really hope to see you in Houston April 29 – May 1 at the Hilton NASA. It’s going to be a great event. If you want to learn more, check out cedia.net/businessxchange.

About the Author: Michael Maniscalco is the co-founder of ihiji and is a volunteer on the CEDIA Business Xchange task force.



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