Wanted: Candid Conversations About Your Business Issues

Apr 27, 2015

marketing successYou asked, and CEDIA listened.

In a recent CEDIA survey, more than 80% of respondents expressed interest in a peer groups program for home technology professionals (integrators) to share best practices and industry insights both virtually and in-person.

Enter CEDIA Groups, the newest CEDIA program devoted to bringing you closer to the solutions your business needs.

CEDIA Groups are an opportunity for executives at CEDIA member home technology professional firms to learn from fellow integrators who have faced similar business challenges. This program will offer a safe, supportive environment for discussing solutions, airing new ideas, identifying efficiencies, and more.

Have you ever run into a roadblock in your business and thought, “There has to be a better way”? Chances are, there is a better way, and one of your fellow integrators has discovered it. CEDIA Groups are your opportunity to connect with people who have met the same roadblocks you have and gotten through to the other side.

Each CEDIA Group will be made up of five to seven executives from home technology professional companies. A group lead will help facilitate the conversations, and each group will have access to advisors – seasoned home tech pros with years of demonstrated success who will bring additional perspective to the table.

Groups will meet monthly via phone or webinar and will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face during CEDIA-sponsored events.

Become a part of CEDIA Groups to start having candid conversations about the challenges your business faces with peers who have been there. Learn more about this program at CEDIA Business Xchange April 29 – May 1, or check out the details and apply today.

Questions? Contact CEDIA’s membership team at member@cedia.org.



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